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Lawn Mowing Christchurch

Relax and enjoy your garden while Entire Property Solutions take care of your lawn maintenance. Get reliable, hands-free lifestyle block maintenance and lawn care services including weed control, line trimming and regular or one-0ff lawn mowing, Christchurch-wide.

Regular lawn maintenance will keep your lawn in optimum lawn health, year-round. Your lawn will be cut using high-quality mowers and machines, providing an exceptional finish on all areas of your lawn. Edges will be trimmed around trees and any lawn features/ornaments to keep all yours areas even and looking sharp.

Lawn Mowing

From $40
Excludes GST

Entire Property Solutions provide the following lawn care services

Hillside Line Trimming

Regular or one off mowing

Lawn Maintenance & Weed Control

Professional Edging

Lawn Care & Fertilising

With regular lawn maintenance, lawn weeds shouldn’t impact the presentation of your lawn. Entire Property Solutions minimise weed infestation by concentrating on increasing lawn health organically. By keeping your lawn well fed during the growing period, our team of professional gardeners will protect your lawn against future weed growth. Over time, a lush lawn will smother weed seeds and inhibit their germination.

Keeping the lawn cut at the correct height for the season ensures no scalping or damage that allows weeds to germinate. Entire Property Solutions can also provide lawn care recommendations around lawn de-thatching, scarifying, aeration or drainage issues. With regular commercial lawn mowing, Christchurch business owners can present a professional image and keep a well-maintained lawn without the hassle of DIY lawn care.

Lawn Care Gallery

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