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Entire Property Solutions love to service lifestyle and rural properties, the bigger the area the better! They use high-quality machines and tools and have a team of experienced gardeners equip to complete those larger jobs in a rural environment.

Lifestyle/Rural Properties
from $55
per hour
Excludes GST

Entire Property Solutions offer a range of Lifestyle and Rural Property Services such as;

Line Trimming Lawn Edges
Removal of greenwaste
Line Trimming for Hillsides / Long Grass Areas
Plus the following Gardening Services

Weeding / Hoeing / Dead Heading
Shaping / Ornamental Pruning of Topiary,
Rejuvenation and Reshaping of old and neglected plants,
Hedge Trimming, Rose Care and Maintenance, Seasonal Pruning, Pest and Disease Control, Tree Lower Canopy Maintenance

Removal of unwanted seedlings
Brush Cutting for Thistle, Gorse etc

Interested in a Rural/Lifestyle Quote?

Contact us today and discover how our passionate team can help you and your garden.

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