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Entire Property Solutions take pride in thinking outside the square with soft landscaping ideas and services. Whether you are you looking for a complete garden overhaul, a planting plan for one area, some old plants removed/replaced, or need mulch or bark applied, we can come out at no obligation to you to discuss review and quote the project. All hard landscaping, arborist and irrigation work is outsourced and can be project managed by us to ensure completion is to the highest standard.

Entire Property Solutions is your professional partner for all soft landscaping services in Christchurch. With our experience and knowledge, we will thrive, strive and provide an in depth vision to create and reconfigure your garden to provide your ideal outdoor environment.

Specializing in lifestyle blocks and large sections Entire Property Solutions can manage any landscaping job in Christchurch.

Soft Landscaping
$65per hour

Excludes GST

We offer the following Soft Landscaping services

Small & Large Scale Planting

Mulch, Bark and Stone Application

Tree planting using stakes and ties


Garden Irrigation

Planting plans for new and exisiting customers

Lawn Patching and over sowing


Irrigation Remedy &

All of the products and services above will be managed from quote to completion, taking care of sourcing plants and landscaping materials through to instalment and hand over.  When planting, EPS use correct techniques ensuring plants get the best start to life and will not plant through summer unless you are irrigated.

Interested in receiving a Soft Landscaping Quote?

Contact Entire Property Solutions today and discover how their team can help you and your garden.

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